Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday!

- this year has been good and bad, but lately i dont really know how to explain or express my emotions lately.. i know i have changed more anger than i was ever happy.. but this time around, ive been more emotional. very sad but yet to overcome any happiness…

this also would be a 2nd year without yu here. idk what else to do when this day, ur birthday and others too, comes around, i would say drink til i cant drink no more, or dont drink because my emotions will flow.. and it wont solve no problem.. i know ive been good lately, im happy i love my job its the easiest, yu would be happy of me keeping my job, bc i am too. i would rather have your friends appreciate me. but i cant change that. also i am thankful and very much appreciated that i have met yu, loved and cared for yu. if it was for us being brothers and sisters.. hell idk what i will do, and will be at. there is sooo much more to say but i cant think right now..

I love yu lil sis. to Christine “thine Sumo” Sumontha! Happy Birthday! and Merry Christmas! 



2 pistolz ft t-pain

song is the bomb.

stressed… work has been kicking my ass lately… nd i have to stop procastinating, start saving up… for a new car…


omg craving

There’s no point in a lot of “like” with someone u can’t have..

I just want to have that special “girl” who actually cares for me as a friend, comfort me while I am laying on my hospital bed.. Just cuddling and holding each other throughout the night.. I’m not asking her to stay, but it’d be nice if she did..

But I doubt that ever happened…. It’s hard to impress other ladies when I’m not trying my best at all.. Just being myself… Money can’t buy love.. And I’m not that type.. I would love to have that special girl by my side..



Prize Includes:

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My favorite tequila.

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2nd IV on my right hand..

IV on my left arm…

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